Healthy eating habits for diabetic patients

Healthy eating habits for diabetic patients

Healthy eating habits for diabetic patients 1920 1080 Laeq Center

Diabetic patients must follow healthy eating habits to help them control their blood sugar and better their overall health. Here is some important advice for them:

Firstly, food must be eaten slowly. Eating slowly will help you to eat an adequate amount of food for your body and prevent digestive problems.  In addition to that, consume carbohydrate that comes in carbs form such as wheat bread, rice and pasta more than sugary carbs. also, drink natural, no add sugar fruit juice. vegetable salad is very important because it contains fibers. Finally, moderation is the key to help diabetic patients better their lives.

Secondly, diabetic patients must consume and use less oil in cooking food, such as fried food and it is better to use healthier ways of cooking such as cooking in oven or grilling. if you had to eat fried food, make sure to reduce the excess amount of oil with napkins. The reason why you need to consume less oil is that oil increase the blood sugar rate for a longer period in the long run, which is not good for people with diabetes.

Thirdly, it is very important to eat a variety of food, what matters is the quantity you will consume it in. For example, you can eat sweets such as Conafa or Loqmat as long as it will be consumed in small amounts.

Finally, exercising is very important, even for a short period of time such as 30 minutes of walking after Al Taraweeh prayer.