Laeq medical company

Laeq Medical Company is the first company in Saudi Arabia that has been approved from the FDA to perform food and nutrition studies and researches.

Laeq medical

Health is an investment, not an expense

Laeq medical is a Saudi Limited liability company (LLC), offers services in the nutrition, yoga and beauty field., we started as Huda Diet Clinics aiming to work in nutrition, obesity treatment , special diseases diet and elderly diet as well as fitness ,muscle strengthening exercises and any related equipment.

In 2018, in line with SAUDI ARABIA 2030 VISION as well as Saudi food and drug authority new regulation in related to new dietitian specialized fields, we started our company “ Laeq Medical Company”.

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Our approach

Laeq medical is a leading company in health, clinical nutrition, fitness and beauty. we provide our services with Professionalism according to the latest advanced studies and researches.

Our methods

We provide our services according to the latest methodology to provide scientifically approved consultations.

Personalized services

We provide personalized services and consultations for every client based on their case thus the result will vary and will be depended on scientific researches and studies.

Executive Director - Clinical Dietitian

Huda Bint Mounir al-Zara

Our motto is: “Health is an investment, not a cost.” Please feel free to disclose before it is too late. In a decent way, we help you to know the causes and roots of the problems that you suffer from, and then draw you for the right path for you towards a healthy lifestyle, and we continue with you until you reach your goals.

Administration Manager

Abdullah Mohammed Al-Awad

Health, proper nutrition and maintaining physical fitness and beauty are not a cost but a long-term investment for a better life and an organized lifestyle

Marketing and Advertising Director


Caring for health guarantees a longer, more beautiful life

Sports and nutritional foods Specialist

Adnan Al-Bakheet

Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Arwa Yousef Al-Amoud

Good nutrition is key to good mental and physical health, so the type and amount of food we eat affects the way we feel and how our bodies work.

Therapeutic dietician

Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Rifai

Always knowing the problem is the beginning, and working on it is the key to the solution. Also in the world of therapeutic nutrition, we are looking for a problem to start with the first steps of the solution

Senior therapeutic nutrition specialist

Khaled Hilal Zaid Al Hilal

Member of the Canadian Diet Society
Founding member of the Saudi Society for Clinical Nutrition