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At Laeq Medical , we seek to achieve integration , balance and harmony in all healthy living aspects by following healthy nutrition , fitness and maintaining beauty which will be reflected on our healthy living .

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Calorie Counting

Laeq company office provides calorie counting services of food and beverage for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, factories and more. In addition to that, we offer nutrition and food studies and research services related to Food and Drug Administrative (FDA). Laeq medical is one of the first licensed companies in Saudi Arabia that provide nutrition and food studies and research services scientifically. Our FDA license is FCO00004. We have a 100% certified and specialized team.

Laeq medical is a leading office in the Calorie Counting field. we support our Saudi community thus we participate in any related social services and as a result of that, we initiated or Productive family programs to support families that work in food and beverage field to help alleviate some of their burden.

Diet programs

Laeq Nutrition center offers a verity of diet programs

Diet program

Weight loss diet programs

Fat burning diet programs

Medical diet program

Pregnancy diet programs

Pregnancy diet programs.

Children's diet programs

Fast weight loss programs

Thinness / Obesity diet program

Weight maintaining diet program

Athlete and bikers diet programs

Body contouring diet programs

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3D measuring

Fit 3D is an innovation and advanced body assessment technology only available in Saudi Arabia at Laeq clinics. You will be able to get an accurate measurement for more than 200 measurements of your body with its details in 10 minutes. Some of these measurements are measurements of body weight, muscle, skeletal structure; neck vertebrae, back, knees and ankles as well as fat percentage and body caloric intake. You will be able to evaluate and monitor your diet and exercise progress.  We grantee you the safety and privacy of your personal information.

Yoga classes

At Laeq medical center, we work with a professional team of certified trainers and dietitians to provide  yoga classes that can help in weight loss, increase physical fitness, increase strength and body tighten.

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